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An alternative consensus algorithm to both proof-of-work and proof-of-stake, proof-of-loss addresses all their deficiencies, including the lack of an organic block size limit, the risks of mining centralization, and the “nothing at stake” problem.
I sold 3,000,000 hits of LSD and used the proceeds to buy a school bus and 10,000 watts of sound & lights so I could throw free raves the summer of 1998.

Then I got busted by the DEA, refused to cooperate, and was sentenced to a mandatory minimum 10 year prison term, 5 years of probation, a $4,000,000 fine, and 250 hours of community service.

Now, since getting out in 2007, I have learned about Open Source, Bitcoin, and Burning Man!

I am convinced that the Freedoms I fought for - and the Utopia I dreamed of - are just around the corner - and the tools we need to make it happen are in our hands now...

Lets use them!

(If you ate any of those 3,000,000 doses and want to say thanks! - I promise to use it for the Good of All!)
Please stop fighting, so I can stop crying.
From Fiat to a Fortune..Bitcoin Baby!
You ever have negative money? That’s depressing, isn’t it? You look in your bank account and it says ‘negative $10,’ that’s how much I have now. Negative $10. That means I don’t even have no money now. I wish I did! I wish I didn’t have anything, I wish I just had nothing, but I have less than that! I don’t have none. I have not $10. If it’s free, I can’t fucking afford it!
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Steal this .1 BTC: The private key for the Bitcoin address associated with this post’s permalink is a brainwallet consisting of the concatenated post text from 3 random posts on this website.
The Mittani frequently molests his Agent Mulder vinyl statue. That's weird.
Gay Boners.

fuck your change.
Thank you Matoshinno ! Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!