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If I had satoshi every time I heard the word bitcoin in a negative light, I wouldn't be rich...yet!
Send BTC or I'll leak another Trump tape.
shadow web
За розовом морем,на синем поьережьи,в горах притаился зелёный городок


Innovativ IT Services, located in Houston, TX now accepts Bitcoin as payment. We are also providing Bitcoin consulting to retailers and E-tailers alike.

We offer: Managed IT Services, IT Security, Cloud Computing, Data Recovery, Network Management, Network Support, Server Support, PC support, IT consulting and custom application development.

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We also provide enterprise security solutions through our partnerships with major security software and hardware companies.

Lately we've been helping a lot of companies recover from Ransomware attacks like Cryptolocker, as well as helping them prevent such Ransomware type attacks. For more information, visit our blog:

There is matter, and then there is anti-matter, which one rarely finds in the world. Likewise, there is credit, and then there is anti-credit, which is just negative interest rates.