Revenue Sharing Program

Get free bitcoin by linking to Bitcoin Megaphone. Just enter your email address below and you'll receive an affiliate link.

When someone clicks your affiliate link and purchases a post on Bitcoin Megaphone, you'll be instantly sent 30% of the cost of their post. Transactions happen on Coinbase so there are no transaction fees.

Don't have a Coinbase account?
You can create a free account here with no bank account info required.

What's the catch?
The only rule is that you're not allowed to post your affiliate link on (Doing so will cause a paradox that could destroy the universe. You'll also get booted.)

How long do referrals last?
When someone clicks on your affiliate link, a cookie is created on their computer that expires after 30 days. You could also stop receiving affiliate payments if someone who clicked on your affiliate link clicks on another affiliate link within the 30 day period.

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