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Bitcoin Megaphone lets anyone post any content while paying per character. Short posts cost pennies, but the longer your post, the more you pay.

When you post, you also automatically create a secure virtual "tip jar" that anyone can donate to, and only you can collect the money. You can also manually enter your own public bitcoin address for tips.

Bitcoin Megaphone is a fun way to spend a few pennies, and hopefully make a lot more in return!

And lastly, the content on this site is unmoderated and unfiltered, so browse at your own discretion. The views and opinions expressed here should not be attributed to the website's creator.

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How the site works

Anyone can post as much as they’d like. Posts cost .00001 Bitcoin per character.

Posts have no character or frequency limit. The only limit is the size of your wallet.

All posts are anonymous unless the author chooses to identify him/herself in the content of the post.

The permalink of each post corresponds with a unique public Bitcoin address, to where tips can be sent by anyone using Bitcoin.

Tips can only be collected by the post's author, and are accessed using the unique private key that he/she received while purchasing the post. This unique private key grants the author exclusive access to 100% of the tips sent to the post.

When you want to collect your tips, just import your private key into whichever Bitcoin wallet you use. For instructions just Google "import private key into (you wallet service here)." Make sure to import the entire contents of the address into your wallet, known as "sweeping" the key.

If the tips in the public address aren't ever collected by the post's author, the tips are lost forever.

If an author chooses, he/she can use one of their own personal public addresses for a post and for tips. The requirement for using a custom address is that it can't be used elsewhere on the site, and it must have a total received balance of zero.

The fees generated from creating new posts go to the website’s creator.

Coinbase can take a few minutes to process a new post, so you might need to press "Confirm Payment" a few times when posting.

Who's the site for?

Writers and Comedians

Post your material (or links to your material) and promote it on social media. The more people that like it the more tips you can make.


If you have a revolutionary or controversial idea, there aren't many places online where you can share that idea without being ignored or ostricized. Bitcoin Megaphone provides a way for your ideas to gather attention anonymously, while still letting you profit from the tips they receive.

You can also embed any Bitcoin Megaphone post into any blog or website, enabling it to attract attention far beyond the confines of this website.

Advertisers and Marketers

Big media campaigns can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and still don't necessarily stand out in today's cluttered media landscape. An interesting post on Bitcoin Megaphone will get people talking, and is a great option for viral or traditional campaigns for media agencies of all sizes.

Site Credits

Bitcoin Megaphone is a project by Mike Solomon.


All icons on this site are from the Noun Project and used by Creative Commons – Attribution (CC BY 3.0).

Megaphone icon: Megaphone by Rémy Médard.

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"Most Profitibile" icon: Percent by Mister Pixel.

"Most Tipped" icon: Loan by Rohith M S.

"Most Expensive" icon: Money Bag by Roy Verhaag.

"First!" icon: Winner by Luis Prado.


Public/Private key generation by PHPCoinAddress.
(Prior to 2015, Public/Private keys were generated by Zamgo's PHPCoinAddress).

Tip amounts refreshed every 30 seconds with info from insight. and Blockchain.info.


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