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Every attack by a government against a distributed peer-to-peer system is like a failed dose of antibiotics; you will kill the weakest organisms and allow the strongest to thrive.
Global data center company is now accepting bitcoins.
bitcoin is forever
Look out for a million copy-cat websites in 3... 2... 1...

no one will ever know me
No one will ever pay this address wtf
speling is overrated
Best bitcoin chart:
My bank just called to tell me my account was outstanding. I'm flattered.
We're creating a 1hr drama/sci-fi TV series about decentralization. We're curious if there's an audience for it. It'll feature crypto and DACs heavily.
With the current difficulty increase of +16.67%, my antminers are profitable in only... 1672 days... if someone gifts me a solar panel. But hey, at least i made the network safer! bitcoin ftw :)
farts, amirite?