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░▒▓ Mining Done Right ▓▒░


Introducing a brand new Dogecoin hosted mining site, Cointellect, the ONLY company offering Doge Mh/s computational units.

If you believe maximizing #profit is important, try out a new way to earn more cryptocoins.

“Coin Miner“ is our exclusive Dogecoin mining software — which makes it easy for you to increase your #hashrate by connecting to our local pool to get additional GPU/CPU Mh/s computing power from your Windows PC.

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3 mice were sitting at the bar discussing who is the bad ass of the 3.

1st mouse drinks his shot and holds the glass in the air. he says ” you know the rat traps? I take the cheese and stop the bar as it is coming down and bench press it 3 times” He slams the glass on the table.

2nd mouse drinks his shot and holds glass in the air. “well i got you beat. You know the rat poison? I chop it up and snort it for fun mother fucker” He slams his glass on the table

3rd mouse Drinks his drink and slams it on the table. He begins to walk toward the exit. The other 2 mice were like “we played come on man dont be a pussy”

3rd mouse replied ” I am going home to fuck the cat”



LTC Gear = $mart Mining!

There are many cloud mining providers around but none that match the returns of this company.

The reason LTC Gear are able to offer such discounts to their customers is the fact that the owner (Chris) does not buy mining gear. Instead, he imports the parts and assembles the miners himself.

This allows LTCGear to offer better prices than competitors and pass those prices on to their customers.

I have been mining with LTC Gear now for some months and during that time I have made significant profits, which are paid out on a weekly basis.

So what about difficulty changes?

LTC Gear are able to keep your account profitable by upgrading your share by 1.35% every 1.5 months. This allows you to stay in profit long after your initial investment has been paid back.

LTC Gear are currently offering a massive 57% discount as a 1 year anniversary celebration.

With this deal you are able to ROI in only 1.5months with payouts of around 36 LTC paid to you weekly in either Litecoin or Bitcoin, the choice is yours!

To get this fantastic offer simply click here:

And then choose the ASIC share1K6X – Anniversary then enter this code: anniversary1yr

That will give you a 49% discount! Pay for your shares with BTC and you will get an additional 8% off! You will be hard-pressed to find a deal like this anywhere else.