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So a politician dies and goes to heaven. Upon reaching heaven’s pearly gates, he’s greeted by St. Peter, standing beside a luxury limousine. St. Peter greets him: “Hi Welcome to heaven, if you’ll kindly come with us, we’ll give you a tour of paradise on the way to where you’ll be staying…” The politician and St. Peter get in the limousine and off they go. While touring heaven and its streets of gold, St. Peter tells the politician about God, heaven’s history, and life in Paradise. When the car comes to a stop light however, the politician notices something strange… At the other side of the traffic light he sees a Pope riding a skateboard. “That’s peculiar…” he thinks to himself, but not wanting to seem rude, he returns his attention to the conversation with St. Peter. When they come to the next traffic light however, something else strange occurs… He sees another Pope riding a skateboard… Even more curious, the politician allows his gaze to follow this Pope where to his surprise it appears that the Pope lives in little more than a cardboard box on the street. Finally, the politician and St. Peter arrive at their destination: A huge mansion with fountains, a pool, and its own golden limousine with driver. Upon getting out, St. Peter informs the politician: “Well, we’re here. This is where you’ll be staying in Paradise…” Incredulous, the politician responds: “There must be some kind of mistake…” “Why do you say that?” St. Peter asks. The politician explains: “On the way here, I saw POPES riding skateboards and living in cardboard boxes! Yet, here you are telling me that I get to live in a mansion with a pool, fountains, and a limousine driver of my own????” St. Peter calmly responds: “OH THAT, well you see… here in heaven, Popes are a DIME A DOZEN… but YOU– You’re the FIRST POLITICIAN to EVER MAKE IT!” :-) (please tip if this joke made you smile, then I will smile…)